The incentiBox family consists of passionate eCommerce business owners, well-known brands, FORTUNE 500 media companies, and talented web personalities. Our mission is to build the most effective, customizable and easily installed customer rewards program for our users. Our products: Community Rewards & Social Media Contest, enable you to offer meaningful incentives to your customers for promoting your products or services with their social networks. We know word-of-mouth is a vital part of growing your business, and we are dedicated to helping you transform your ordinary customers into “brand advocates”!

We are based in sunny Calabasas, Southern California. Our team of talented engineers and dedicated social media experts consumes countless energy drinks (thanks to Costco) brainstorming creative methods to help your business spread the word and drive sales. Our products are designed to maximize results and return on investment for our users.

We want results, and we are pretty darn sure that you do too!

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